• Need A Ride

    Need A Ride

    A short film about hitchhiking featuring Danielle and Jennifer.

  • 2012 London Olympic Tribute

    2012 London Olympic Tribute

    Watch Danielle and Jennifer in an epic track race to the finish line i ...

  • My Jeans

    My Jeans

    A comedy short about what happens when your sister borrows your favori ...

  • Good Morning Baltimore Parody - Danielle and Jennifer

    Good Morning Baltimore Parody ...

    Ever think your life is a musical and spontaneously break into song an ...

  • Danielle and Jennifer - "Luck Of The Irish"

    Danielle and Jennifer - "Luck ...

    A short film about what happens when your sister thinks she is turning ...

  • An Offer You Can

    An Offer You Can't Refuse - A ...

    A spoof on the movie "Godfather" featuring Danielle and Jennifer.

  • Yawning


    A funny sketch about yawning featuring Danielle and Jennifer.

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