Had an incredible time playing the opening night concert at the Ronald McDonald Camp on Sunday night! 🎶 Looking forward to the rest of the week at RMC.  📷: Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

Listen in to 93.7 WSTW Hometown Heroes WSTW with Mark Rogers tomorrow (Sunday) night from 8-10pm to hear the official radio release of our new single “April Fools”!  

Gave inside information during our interview with Springwood Productions about our new single “April Fools” coming out April 1st! Had such a great time at the Singer-Songwriter of Cape May festival yesterday. Stay tuned for more updates about the release of our newest single “April Fools”!

We are proud to share our Thyroid Disease Parody “92” with all of you in honor of Thyroid Disease Awareness month. Jennifer and I share this Autoimmune Disease with many other Autoimmune Disease warriors and want to help spread awareness so others don’t go undiagnosed. We started Damn The Butterfly as a safe place for fellow warriors to relate and for others who are undiagnosed to find out more about Hashimoto’s and other AutoImmune diseases.    

Tune in on Jan 17th! The “GERI Petito” Show Hamilton Radio